The Baba Project is an online media platform dedicated to highlighting unique music and culture around the world.

Our mission is to cultivate a more globally aware, culturally informed and compassionate society through music and cross-cultural exchange.  Honoring a diverse array of traditions, nationalities, religions and political perspectives, our aim is to continually deconstruct the divides built between human beings.

This website is a continually evolving space that offers a variety of cross-cultural encounters, musical transmissions, and stories from the road abroad.  You will find a curated selection of original audio recordings and accompanying photographs taken while in the field.  From master musicians in Sub-Saharan Africa to religious rituals in Jerusalem, our network of artists, wisdom keepers, and culture bearers is world-wide.

The Baba Project is a multidisciplinary creative platform for catalyzing social change and multicultural awareness in our age of undeniable global connectivity.


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  1. I am a social worker/artist (painter) and a manager of two blind artists (musicians) and a coordinator of a group of artist. i am really impressed with your baba project and that its just like you doing exactly what i and others like me are really thinking and moving towards to. so i want to register the two of the mentioned musicians and maybe visual artists as well to participate in the Zanzibar festival.

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